If you spend your time at the casino or have an interest in table games like Blackjack and Baccarat, you’ll most likely have heard the term “High Roller” in conversation. The term has a well-deserved air of exclusivity and you might be wondering what a high roller is, who qualifies to be a high roller, and why you’d want to hold that title.

What is a High Roller?

Also referred to as whales, high rollers are players who make big wagers, give the casino a lot of play, and get noticed. High rollers can receive a range of benefits, from free drinks to free hotel rooms and limo service. A high roller can even occasionally negotiate the rules of certain games to lower the house edge and ask for an amount of cash back (up to 10% in some cases) from their losses.

What Does it Take to Become a High Roller?

Casinos take note of their customers and will notice when a return customer repeatedly makes large bets. This used to be more the case with table games such as Blackjack, but now Slot Machines and Video Poker have attracted a new breed of high roller, whose bets may be smaller, but whose time at the games is far greater – this being equally valuable to the casino. Now certain establishments are including high roller rooms for this more modern breed of whale who prefers the one-on-one intensity of playing directly against the house. Obviously, becoming a high roller takes a substantial amount of capital and frequent visits to the casino, but the rewards you can get are worth it if gambling is your passion.

Why Should You Aspire to This Status?

As a notorious High Roller, you stand the chance of being served free top-shelf liquor, the best meals the restaurant has to offer, the attention of a private host whose job it is to cater to your specific requests and requirements, a free hotel room and perhaps even a free flight and rental car to get you to your favourite casino. If you travel with your partner, he or she could also reap the benefits of your status as a whale and receive huge shopping vouchers, free access to a private pool or spa and other luxuries while you’re playing your favourite game.

Where to Start?

You could be a patron at your local casino for years without being privy to these luxuries and end up spending the same amount over a longer period of time or start making bolder wagers and propel yourself into the upper echelons of gambling society. If you’re wondering where to start you can enquire at your local casino about the requirements that need to be met in order to achieve this status. When it comes to online gambling, the benefits are more pragmatic – free rolls, free credit, bigger potential jackpots. Most online casinos have a loyalty feature that’s activated as soon as you start betting. Look into your preferred site’s loyalty plan to see how far away from achieving whale-status you are.