At first glance, it may seem like there are quite a few similarities between online slots and scratch cards. Like many players, you may be wondering which game is better, so that you can focus your energy on it. However, they are two very different types of games, and each of them has unique gaming experiences to offer.

About Slots Online

Online slots are the web-based form of a casino game genre that has thrilled players for more than a century. A set of independent reels are at the core of every slot, and each of those reels features the various symbols that form the combinations seen on the pay table.

Generally, classic titles have 3 reels, while most other types have 5 or more reels. The video slot category is the most popular because they pack in much more action than titles in other categories.

The games in the video category usually have Wild symbols that replace regular icons and can help create successful combinations. However, some Wilds also Multiply payouts, move to other positions, or stay frozen in place for several spins. Scatters usually are a feature as well. They can create winning combinations from any position. They do not always pay out coin prizes; instead, some trigger a round of Free Spins.

Most video slots also have symbols that trigger bonus games when they form successful combinations. The bonus games are usually simple ones in which you need to select images or to complete another basic task to win prizes. Animated sequences and special effects also are part and parcel of video online slots.

Scratch Cards At A Glance

Online scratch cards also feature a grid, but it is not the same as slot reels. For starters, such grids do not move. Instead, the symbols on the grid are covered, and it is your job to remove that cover.

You can do it block by block, by clicking or tapping each one individually, or you can select a Remove All button, which removes the cover in one go. At least 3 matching symbols need to be uncovered for you to win a prize. Some scratch cards also include Wild symbols and/or Multipliers.

They are much simpler than online slots, both in terms of gameplay and features. They also offer faster games.

No Need For Competition

As you can see, slots and online scratch cards offer different gaming experiences. Spinning reels can provide action-packed adventures that burst with bonus features and special effects, and that lend themselves to longer sessions.

Online scratch cards keep things short and sweet. They are a good choice for players who want short bursts of action, who are pressed for time, or who do not want to put too much thought or effort into a game, yet still want to enjoy opportunities to win.

We recommend trying mobile slots sitesĀ and online scratch cards, because there is a good chance that you will discover your preference. You also will find out why the other type of casino game makes a good alternative to your favourite.