Baccarat is an easy game to learn, which makes it popular amongst novice online casino players, and also features a delightfully low house edge. If you’re new to the world of playing Baccarat online, then you’ve come to the right place, as we are going to detail everything you need to know to be successful with this fun game.

While we cannot guarantee a win, we can advise novice players in New Zealand in how to minimise losses.

Baccarat Basics: Getting Started

If you’ve never played Baccarat before, you will most likely be unfamiliar with the basics of the game. The good news is that it’s incredibly simple and there aren’t many rules that need to be remembered in order to be successful with this thrilling game. The most important things to remember: the hand closest to 9 is the winner, and there are 3 types of bets that can be placed. There’s a good range of Baccarat variations available at an online casino, but the most popular by far is Punto Banco, which is the example we are using.

The banker and player are each dealt two face down cards, and bets are then placed on either the player or the banker having a hand that is closest to 9, or a tie meaning that both the player and banker have an equal hand. Tie bets have the highest house edge, so these bets are not recommended. The cards are then turned over and either the banker or the player will have the hand closest to 9. Hopefully you’ve correctly predicted which!

Simple Strategy for Success

As with any online casino game, a simple strategy can go a long way, and it’s no different when it comes to Baccarat. When starting out with online Baccarat choose a low stakes table with as few decks as possible in play, as this will minimise the risk factor. The banker bet has the lowest house edge and many Baccarat experts suggest sticking with this bet when getting started.

Money management is very important when it comes to starting out, as it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and you could soon see yourself with a bankroll balance of next to nothing. However, one of the greatest advantages to playing online casino games is the lucrative bonus that you will be afforded when signing up. Most online casinos will match your first deposit up to a certain limit, essentially doubling your bankroll, and this can really supercharge your Baccarat play.

The 1-3-2-6 Baccarat Betting System

There are many Baccarat experts who swear by betting systems for success, and one such system is the 1-3-2-6 system. In this system, the number 1-3-2-6 refers to the unit staked, for example 10-30-20-60, but if you’re a novice New Zealand player, we suggest sticking to the super low stakes of 1-3-2-6 as your betting units. It’s a simple strategy, and we suggest using this for player bets.

How it works: if you place a bet of 1 unit and win, progress through the sequence and place a bet of 3 units, and continue through the sequence up to 6. If you win all 4 bets, simply start from the beginning again. However, if you lose at any point during the sequence, go back to the beginning of the sequence. This betting system is recommended as it doesn’t chase losses, which is a good way to keep your bankroll balance in the positive.