If life is a game of chance, then how you play your favourite casino games can say quite a lot about you as a person and vice versa. Your playing style will be influenced by the same factors that affect any decision-making moment you’re likely to come up against and being aware of your strengths and weaknesses can help you in both the casino and in your day-to-day life.

Here is a list of playing styles you’ll recognise next time you’re watching an online tournament, playing a game of poker with friends or heading onto an https://onlineslot.ca/can-casinos/ for a bit of fun.

Mr Bold Moves

This is your typical all or nothing guy. He’s not here for the long game, but he’s sure he knows the game well enough to make a big win and walk out. He’ll usually enjoy playing games against others where his steady nerve and confident plays can put others at ill ease – what does he know that you don’t? Don’t let his bravado fool you, rather keep an even keel and push back with some unexpected moves of your own.

Mr Emotional

Mr Bold Moves’ little brother, Mr Emotional makes decisions that may seem rash at times, but his unpredictable nature and introverts’ caution gives him an edge that can confound even established players. If he learns to get his emotions under control and develop something more akin to instinct, Mr Emotional could one day become the Assassin.

Mr Big Talk

This guy thinks he knows it all, and his pre-game chatter and overly enthusiastic advice may make him seem like he’s got it all in the bag already, but just like Mr Big Moves, it’s important to keep the facts of the game close foremost in your mind. This kind of attitude is the one that’s only proven in the crucible of the game. But be wary, every now and again, Mr Big Talk actually might know more than you think and prove to be a True Expert.

The True Expert

This gentleman is a few years on in his career, and you can be assured that for him, this is a career. He’s been analysing the game for years, making notes and observations like some kind of Nobel-winning scientist. But even the true expert must remember that the game is as fickle as the weather, and even the most tried and tested models can still take you by surprise.

The Assassin

This player doesn’t talk much, yet often walks away with the biggest wins. He’s instinctual, yet cold. Unlike the professorial true expert, he’s got the air of a great white shark. This man could kill a mosquito in his sleep without making a single noise and has steeled his nerves against big wins and big losses. You can be assured, one way or another, he’ll make a killing.

In conclusion, your style can be a help or a hindrance, but greater self-awareness can only lead to greater improvement and satisfaction and can help you to know who you’re playing with. In the meantime, keep playing, keep practising.