The world of casinos is an incredibly exciting one that is full of possibilities. There are so many things that many of us look forward to when we settle down to play an online casino game or two. One of these things is the casino bonus that we can expect to be awarded in a particular game.

However, over the past few years, a wide variety of bonuses have been created as a means of keeping things as exciting as possible for players. It can often be difficult to figure out what each bonus means for your game. Below, you will find a breakdown of some of the most popular ones out there so that the next time you play, you will know exactly what you are dealing with.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is perhaps the most popular casino bonus out there. This kind of bonus is quite self-explanatory, and certain casinos offer them as a means of attracting new players to sign up. Essentially, what happens is that players are awarded with a certain amount of credits when they first register at a casino. These credits function in the same way that real money would, and players are free to use them as they wish. But, they can not withdraw any winning, as they have to meet with the site’s terms and conditions before.

Loyalty Bonuses

Avid players of games will know all about this casino bonus. Basically, online casinos reward their most loyal players with gifts that usually take the form of casino credits. Each online casino offers players something completely different to their competitors. Some casinos work on a points system that will see players work their way up the tiers with the more games they play. Other casinos award their loyalty bonus based on how many games a player has enjoyed within a designated period of time. Either way, regardless of how this loyalty is measured, this bonus awards players for coming back time and time again.

Apart from the aforementioned ones, there are plenty of casino bonuses out there. When a player is awarded a casino bonus, it essentially means that they are given free money to play and potentially create even more money with. This makes for a win-win situation, as the player is able to increase their winnings at no extra cost and the online casinos are able to attract and retain a good few players. However, it must be said that regardless of what kind of casino bonus you are rewarded, it is sure to bring plenty of fun!

Payment Option Bonuses

This kind of casino bonus is relatively new but is quickly gaining popularity. Online casinos use payment option bonuses as a means of encouraging players to try out different transactional methods when using their site. Usually, this kind of bonus is offered whenever players make use of online payment platforms, as they so often opt for other means of transaction. However, this comes as no surprise given the fact that casinos usually also accept payments from sources that players are more familiar with and use everyday, such as most leading credit and debit cards.