Czech Handball Betting Options and Information

Czech Handball presumably originated in Prague during the early 1900’s, and is still played today.  Differing somewhat from Team Handball, Czech Handball makes provision for three player positions.  Each side is made up of 7 players, and the three player positions are defender, halfback and forward.    The rules dictate that the ball may not be held by any one player for longer than three seconds.

Czech Handball is a game for all, with the women’s league Czech Handball World Cup organised in 1930.  The game became highly popular during the Second World War.

Rules Of Czech Handball

The size of a standard playing field is 45 by 30 meters, and it is divided into three areas, namely defence third, middle third and offence third.  A shot at the goal is made from in front of the goal area.  Players are penalised by being sent off the field for five or ten minutes, depending on the nature of the offence. Czech Handball is rapid game, with a lot of body contact involved.

There are two main referees involved in a game of Czech Handball – one is the general court referee, and the other is the goal line referee.

The ball must only touch the player’s hands, being the opposite of Soccer and Football.

Play is divided into two halves of 30 minutes each, and the team scoring the most goals in the given time, wins.  The game is usually played indoors, but outdoor versions are becoming increasingly more popular, especially Beach Czech Handball.

Czech Handball Betting

Up until now, Czech Handball betting has been limited to friendly bets.  This is mostly the case whenever a sport is restricted to a certain region or not played on a global level.  Participating countries include the Netherlands, Poland, France and Denmark.  Despite having been around since 1905, the sport hasn’t really boomed.  Growth in popularity is slow and steady though, and there’s no telling what the situation may be like in a couple of years’ time at the best mobile betting sites.

The Future of Czech Handball Betting

Sports betting may vary from sport to sport, but there are similarities that will no doubt carry over into Czech Handball betting, as the game gains popularity.

Types of bets expected to be included in Czech Handball betting includes straight bets, win bets, totals betting, proposition bets, outrights and accumulators.

These are popular bets when it comes to all team sports.

Sports betting has become so popular during online blackjack Canada game times, that bets are available for pretty much any sport that you can think of.  People are generally sports fans of a particular sport first, and sports bettors secondly.  This is bound to be the case once sports betting on Czech Handball takes off, too.

People furthermore tend to bet on sports that they know a lot about.  Mainstream sports such as Football and Formula 1 enjoy broad televised coverage.  This creates many opportunities for exposure, and certainly provides an advantage.

As Czech Handball gains popularity and enjoys more media exposure, betting on the sport is bound to increase considerably too.