The Origins of Video Poker

Poker is one of the most well-known and most-played card games in the world. Being linked to its origins in the 1820s in New Orleans, cards were limited to 20 per game, with four players at one game. After Poker’s popularity had spread across countries, the French brought out the more modern 52 card deck in 1850. Poker began to grow, gaining new types of cards and rules into the modern card game it is today. Professional tournaments began to start, and huge amounts of money could be won.

Poker eventually found its way to electronic outlets in the form of Video Poker. Video Poker was first seen on automated machines that were found in casinos in the late 1970’s and offered players a solo alternative to the high-pressure tables. The consoles used had screens and inputs where players could play and win Poker games individually versus the machine. These machines consisted of newly invented processors that could use calculations to give random hands of cards.

Today, players who enjoy Poker can find Video Poker in the form of online casino games. These can be found on many different websites and in varying themes, which each game having its own take on the game. Players can bet real money or play for free, and can even play online versus other real players.

How Video Poker Works

Poker is a game of strategy, and online Video Poker is no different. Once players have found the Video Poker game of their choice, the gameplay is straightforward and simple.

Firstly, players will receive five cards. This is the hand that you are given at random. Using the options and console, players can then choose which cards you wish to keep. Once chosen, players use the Draw button to replace the cards they didn’t wish to keep. This being done, the cards are laid down and players win if their set of cards matches a traditional winning Poker hand.  Winning hands include a two pair, a flush, a straight, and many others. Video Poker games will always have a paytable available for players to view what kinds of winning hands there are, and what kind of earnings can be made from the winning hands.

Poker is a game of practised strategy. With online Video Poker, players can work on their strategy with every game, increasing their bet as they improve. This means that with practise and experience, huge winnings can be earned per game played. Combined with the ease and accessibility of Video Poker online, it is little wonder why Poker is so popular among players.

Popular Video Poker Games Online

All Aces Video Poker is a popular online Poker game with huge potential payout. Played with strategy, the payout can be up to 99.92%.

Another popular game is Jacks or Better Video Poker. With a potential payout of 99.54%, players are able to walk away with massive winnings when played with consistent strategy.

Those who prefer faster and consistently high payout gameplay will enjoy bonus Poker, with a potential payout of 99.17%.

Video poker is renowned for boasting some of the high payouts online and it can be a very rewarding game.