Premium All American video poker is based on the Jacks or Better version of video poker but has an American based theme. The video poker variant has been popular even before the dawn of the Internet and many software developers created their own versions including software giants Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment’s Premium All American video poker depicts the American theme with good quality graphics featuring iconic American imagery like the flag’s stars and stripes and the bald American eagle.

How to Play Premium All American

To begin playing Net Entertainment’s one hand Premium All American video poker the bet needs to be decided upon. Between one and five coins can be placed on the hand and each coin can vary in value. Coin values are adjusted by using the plus and minus buttons. A max bet feature is available for simple and swift betting of the maximum bet amount.

When the Premium All American bet has been placed the deal button is clicked on to have the first hand of five cards dealt. These cards are dealt face up to be evaluated and if any of the cards show promising possibilities of forming winning poker hands they are clicked on to be held while the unselected cards are discarded. The deal button is again used to deal the final hand. The final five cards are evaluated for any winning poker hands and are paid out accordingly.

The game ranks are much the same as the Jacks or Better version of video poker at but the pay outs differ. The highest ranking poker hand is the royal flush followed by the straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs and finally the minimum ranking poker hand, the jacks or better pair. The pay out amount is directly influenced by the value of the poker hand and the number and value of the coins that were bet on the hand.

Premium All American Game Features

Premium All American video poker has adjustable game settings which can be altered to suit individual needs. The screen displays a small speaker icon, which is used to adjust the volume levels of the sound effects. There is also a small wrench icon which is used to access the other basic game settings like enabling the gamble feature, setting the fast play option and accessing the game session’s history. The game is played with a fifty two deck of playing cards which are shuffled before each round is played.

Premium All American Gamble Feature

Net Entertainment’s Premium All American video poker offers a gamble feature that increases winning amounts by playing a side game. All that is required is to choose whether a playing card will reveal itself as a black card or a red card or whether the card will a diamond, heart, spade or club. Correct guesses on the colour of the card multiply the winning amount by two and correct guesses of the suit quadruples the winning amount. Any incorrect guess will result in the initial winnings being lost. This feature is playable after every win in the main game if the gamble feature is enabled.