New Zealanders love their roulette, and thousands log in to play online on a daily basis. It is a fast paced, action packed game, always guaranteed to get hearts racing. In fact, as far as casino games go, roulette has one of the quickest turn around times of all, which is exactly what makes it such a popular game. Roulette is also, however, a game with a great deal of misconceptions based around it. Being such a popular game, many tend to start believing things that are half-truths, or simply not true at all. For those who aim to get better at the game, believing such falsehoods is certainly no help. Let’s take a closer look at a few commonly believed misconceptions about the game of roulette. The Gambler’s Fallacy By far the most popularly believed misconceptions are referred to as the gambler’s fallacy, and reverse gambler’s fallacy. It sounds very ominous, but is in fact just a simple misconception about how probability works. The principal is that some have started to believe there are such things as hot and cold numbers on a roulette wheel. That is to say; that certain numbers are more or less likely to come up, depending on how commonly they have come up recently. Some online roulette games even have a display that shows lists of hot and cold numbers, further perpetuating the myth. The truth is that a roulette wheel is 100% random all of the time. It makes no difference at all if a number has been coming up frequently, or less frequently. The idea that a number is due to come up because it has been absent for a long time, or that it is less likely to come up because it has just been seen, is completely false. Basing betting on this idea can be confusing, and lead to very poor bets being placed. Instead, keep in mind that any number on a roulette wheel is always just as likely to come up, for every spin of the wheel. American And European Roulette Wheels There are two types of roulette wheels commonly used; American and European. Some tend to gravitate towards the American version of the roulette wheel, thinking that there is no difference between the two. There is, however, a very significant difference, and it is important for players to understand this difference. The American version of the roulette wheel has an added zero pocket. This additional zero pocket increases the house edge, therefore reducing the chances of the player achieving winning bets. Simply put; the American roulette wheel is designed to make it harder for the player to make money. In all cases it better to rather play on the European version of the roulette wheel. When playing online, be sure that the roulette wheel used has only a single zero pocket. Look around, as a European roulette wheel will almost certainly also be available. If you find that an online casino is not offering a European version of the game, you won’t struggle to find this version elsewhere!