The house edge on a casino game essentially states what percentage of your stake you will lose to the house in a theoretical mathematical environment.

The house edge is calculated by special software that runs millions of iterations of the game and then works out what the average player win amounts to.

In online casino games the house edge basically says how “winnable” a game is. Games with the highest house edge by definition then provides the most challenging casino games.

Video Poker

When it comes to house edge, video poker games have a reputation for having the lowest. Many video poker games also allow you to play with multiple hands at the same time. For best results, set your video poker to auto play. The computer will make the statistically most relevant move on each hand.


Craps is easily one of the casino games that can generate the most excitement. Part of the nature of its game play and part in the low house edge it holds in online casinos. The house edge on craps bets can be anywhere between 5% and 1.5%

By strategically using the various betting options, Craps can easily turn into one of the more rewarding casino games.


Baccarat is a relatively simple to learn game. Thanks to its simple game play, the house edge is generally about 1.5%. The aim of the game is simply to make a hand with a numeric value of 9. You can also say the next hand will be a tie and bet on either yourself or the banker.


Black jack is always a casino favourite and for good reason too. It is simple to learn but complex to play.

Black jack is one of the few casino games where players can learn a practical and rewarding strategy for playing. This is thanks to the rules of the game. The less decks that are used in the blackjack shoe, the lower the house edge.

The house edge in a single deck black jack game is usually around 1.5% but most online casinos use 4 to 78 deck shoes for the black jack tables.

Poker-three card stud

There of course are a few poker games available at online casinos and they can vary in their house edge amount.

Three Card poker games generally hover around a 1,5% house edge.

These versions of poker are quick to play and a lot of fun. With the low house edge these poker games can easily turn rewarding.


A casino classic, roulette is a game that features one of the highest house edges.

The edge can vary between 2% and 5% depending on whether you are playing a single zero European roulette table or the double zero American version.

Pokie Games

Pokie games hands down generally have the highest house edge. The house edge can vary between 2% and 10% on Pokies.

They still are the most popular casino games however. This is due in no small part to their simple game play mechanics.